Zipper Merge Controversies & Frustrations Overcome

Zipper Merge Controversies & Frustrations Overcome

Dynamic zipper merge

For those that did not know this, here is a brief description. In any event, if you are a regular road user, driving your own vehicle for personal and/or business purposes, this is information that you should be aware of. Briefly put, the zipper merge is a major network of traffic that congests in a time-consuming manner. In other words, the time it takes for a driver to get from one point to, say, an intersection, will be considerably longer than is usual.

It could even take as much as two, three hours to get from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’. Whichever way you approach this if you will, this has never been healthy for a number of salient reasons. Speaking of which, there will be a number of understandable reasons as to why the zipper merge must occur. Or is it even necessary? Dynamic zipper merge installations can help alleviate this possibility.

If it has not been legislated, and usually it has, it should be. It is the responsible duty of every stakeholder who, owing to work being done on or close to the road, to provide all road users with a clear indication of what lies ahead for them. The dynamic zipper merge installation is strategically placed at different points along the roadside. It is highly visible and cannot be missed. It is visible by day and by night.

In terms of its strategic location, it provides road users with direct indications of alternative routes that could be taken instead of having to weave their way through the zipper merge. No one needs to be late for work. No one needs to be late for their next business appointment or customer delivery. Controversies eliminated, frustrations can be set aside as well.