Does it Hurt to Have a Tooth Pulled?

Does it Hurt to Have a Tooth Pulled?

It’s a procedure that nobody looks forward to, but many people have to have done every single year. If you’re looking at having to go through the process of having one or more of your teeth pulled, no one is going to be surprised if you’re wanting to learn more about the procedure, like whether or not there is going be any pain to deal with, and how long it might take you to recover from the procedure.

Does it Hurt?

Having your tooth pulled is definitely not a painless process, but you will generally be put under anesthesia during the extraction process. This will be a shot that will deaden your gums in the extraction area so that you won’t have to deal with as much pain.

After you have been given a local anesthetic, your mouth will feel numb, and you might feel some pressure and a bit of movement as your dentist works on pulling the tooth. After you’ve received anesthetic, you shouldn’t feel much pain or actual discomfort from this process.

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What About Afterwards?

After the procedure is over, it is not uncommon for there to be some pain. To have as most comfort when the procedure is over, make sure you stock up on an over the counter pain reliever, such as a strong acetaminophen.

Depending on how the procedure went and everything it entailed, your dentist may even prescribe a more powerful prescription painkiller for you. If this is the case, take it as directed when you are in pain. You may also find relief by resting with an ice pack and only eating soft foods for awhile.

It is not the most fun procedure in the world, but sometimes it is necessary for your continued dental health. If you find yourself facing having a tooth pulled in the near future, make sure you find the right tooth extraction near me baton rouge professional to take care of the job so you can get your tooth extraction done with confidence.