phenolic wheel

What To Consider Before Going With a Phenolic Option for Wheels

Whether it’s a cart or something else, it’s likely that you’re looking at options for repairs. How can you be sure that a phenolic wheel or some other sort of wheel could be the right thing for you? Here are some of the pros and cons that you’re going to want to think about before buying these types of wheels.

Great for Heavy Loads that Aren’t Going Anywhere

One thing about phenolic wheels is that they are able to hold some pretty big loads on them. And, not only that, but they don’t warp very easily at all, so if you have a heavy load that is sitting in one spot, you’re still fine. These wheels can lock and hold steady, no matter how long it sits with a large load.

Affordable Option

These wheels are some of the most affordable wheels that you can find, and they’re really easy to get on and off. So, not only are you not spending a ton of time on them, but it’s not going to cost a lot of cash to get them going, either.

phenolic wheel

Can Cause Damage to Floors

Now, you do need to be conscious of the black material on the wheels. It can cause “skid marks” on some types of flooring. It can also cause dents in really soft flooring. But, as long as you’re using it on solid flooring and you aren’t worried about the skid marks, you are fine.

Do some research and see what you can find. There are a lot of different ways to proceed, so you want to be sure that you check things out and look at what may be next here. See what works, find solutions, and know that you’ve got a way forward with the right tools